Is there profit in talking?

Key Points

  • Voice and other human interaction will always accompany transactions, even while voice execution diminishes;
  • Efficiently allocating & using unstructured communications data flows will be a competitive advantage in regulated markets.

When investment professionals pick up the phone, not only does it fulfil the human needs to socialise and connect, it is good for business. In connecting, they can garner market intelligence, ideas and opinions that remain essential to better investment results.

Research indicates counter-parties will select based heavily  upon the quality of voice services. High touch sales remains the most favoured method of clients conveying complex instructions on the instrument or deal, as this Greenwich Associates report concludes “Voice communication tools will surely get more electronic, but they will never go away.”

The profit imperative will see innovative sell-side firms adapt to buy-side bias toward high-touch sales using systems to satisfy the (seemingly) conflicting desires of regulators and clients.

All  communications need to be captured, for both electronically executed trades and voice trades and dealing with this efficiently is not only essential, but could be very profitable.

The REVISTA RMS allows client-facing staff to capture all communications whilst retaining the one-to-one voice communications at the same time ensuring the regulations around pre-trade are satisfied and accurately captured.


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